About Us

The continued success of JSE Insurance has been achieved through a combination of experience, hard work, determination and persistence.

Our superior communication with industry leaders, organizations, consumers, feedback, extensive agent training makes us the right choice for you. JSE Insurance ability to quickly adapt and conquer the ever-changing and, at times, challenging rules and regulations of the Florida insurance industry.

At JSE Insurance, we put all our efforts to get the right insurance policy for you at the most affordable price. Whether it be PERSONAL: Auto, Home, Condo, RentersCOMMERCIAL: General Liability, Workers CompensationCommercial PropertyCommercial Auto, Garage Keepers, Business Owners; or OTHER types of insurance: Boat, Motorcycle, RV’sAntiques and much more. We can handle all your insurance needs.We pride ourselves on giving “YOU” our valued customer the very best and friendliest service. We will provide you with the best insurance policy at the lowest possible price. Most importantly, our accomplishments are attribute with the most reputable admitted carriers which we are fortunate to represent as well as our high-standard, knowledgeable staff of insurance agents.